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The names are listed alphabetically by surname. In brackets are the names as they appear on the memorial –  occasionally errors occur on memorials.

Great War 1914-18

Alfred John Bendall     (Bendall J. Pte.)
Private,10969, 8th Battalion, Devonshire Regiment.
Killed in action November 9 1915, Aged 38
Gorre British and Indian Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France, Grave: I.C.12.

Thomas Bendall     (Bendall T. Pte.)
Sergeant, 9772, South Wales Borderers.
Killed in action October 21 1916.
Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France, Pier and Face 4 A.

Harry Bennett     (Bennett H. Sgt.)
Sergeant, 23914, Welsh Regiment.
Died May 10 1918.
Varennes Military Cemetery, Somme, France. Grave: II. K. 6.

Butler W. Ab.  Not identified

Jeremiah (Jerry) Connelly     (Conolly J. Pte.)
Private, 12054, Welsh Regiment.
Died August 8 1915, age 20.
Helles Memorial, Turkey (including Gallipoli), Panel 140 to 144.

Ivor Coles     ( Coles I. Pte.)
Private 12788 Welsh Regiment, 9th Battalion.
Killed in action September 25 1915.
Grave VIII. C. 20., Vieille-Chapelle New Military Cemetery, Lacouture, Pas de Calais, France.
Son of John and Rhoda Coles, 7 Salisbury Terrace, Brithdir.

Davies T. Pte. – Not identified

William Davies     (Davies W. Pte.)
Private, 24302, Welsh Regiment.
Died July 7 1916.
Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz, Somme, France, Plot X, Row E, Grave 7.

Stephen Davies     (Davies S. Pte.)
Corporal, 241090, Welsh Regiment.
Died March 10 1918.
Jerusalem War Cemetery, Grave L 17.

Benjamin Evans – not identified

Frederick Godley     (Godley F. Pte.)
Private, 21560, Welsh Regiment.
Died December 5 1917.
Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun, Pas de Calais, France, Grave V.D.28.

William Gummer     (Gummer W. Pte.)
Driver, 40015, Royal Field Artillery.
Died August 1 1916.
Kirkee 1914-18 Memorial, India, Face B.

Arthur William Hallett     (Hallet A. Gnr.)
Gunner, 80597, Royal Field Artillery.
Died June 10 1917.
Reninghelst New Military Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium, Grave II. D. 23.

Hardon S. Pte. – not identified

Alfred George James     (James A.G. Cpl.)
Private, 28568, Welsh Regiment.
Died October 18 1916, age 23.
Maroc British Cemetery, Grenay, Pas de Calais, France, Grave I. K. 5.

Jenkin Jenkins     (Jenkins J. Pte.)
Lance Sergeant, 241094, Welsh Regiment.
Died December 12 1917.
Jerusalem War Cemetery, Grave M. 24.

William Davies Jones     (Jones W. Pte.)
Rifleman, R/3561, King’s Royal Rifle Corps 10th Battalion.
Died November 30 1917, age 23.
Cambrai Memorial, Louverval, France, Panel 9.
Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Jones, of 2, Ivy Row, Brithdir.

Bertie Lewis     (Lewis B. Pte.)
Private, 31818, South Wales Borderers.
Died January 5 1919, age 21.
Kirkee 1914-18 Memorial, India, Face 5.
Son of James and Helena Lewis of Plas Farm, Tirphil.

Lewis T. Pte. – not identified

George Livingstone     (Livingston G. Pte.)
Private, 18574, Welsh Regiment.
Died May 25 1915.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium,Panel 37.
son of late Mr and Mrs George Livingstone.

Edwin Parry     (Parry E. Pte.)
Private, 14931, South Wales Borderers.
Died April 6 1916.
Mesnil Ridge Cemetery, Mesnil-Martinsart, Somme, France, Grave B. 6.

Edwin William Sidney Martin     (Martin E.W.S. Capt.)
Captain, Royal Army Medical Corps, attd. 9th Bn. Worcestershire Regiment.
Died Febuary 16 1917, age 41.
Amara War Cemetery, Iraq, Grave XXI. L. 11.
Son of John E. Martin, J.P., of Ridgeway, Newport, Mon.

Charles Ernest Morgan     (Morgan C. Cpl.)
Rifleman, 123, Monmouthshire Regiment.
Died April 24 1915.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium, Panel 50.

Arthur Augustus (Gus) Morgan     (Morgan G. Sgt)
Lance Sergeant, 19453, Dorsetshire Regiment.
Died January 3 1917.
Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France, Pier and Face 7 B.

Neal A. Pte.– not identified

George Thomas Newman     (Newman T.G. Pte.)
Private, 18342, Welsh Regiment.
Died August 8 1915, age 19.
Helles Memorial, Turkey (including Gallipoli), Panel 140 to 144.

James Pearce     (Pearce J. L/Cpl.)
Lance Corporal, 1430, Monmouthshire Regiment.
Died September 29 1915, age 20.
Bard Cottage Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium, Grave I. I. 24.

William Phillips     (Phillips W. Pte.)
Private, 93735, Royal Welsh Fusiliers.
Died October 8 1918.
Vis-en-Artois Memorial, Pas de Calais, France, Panel 6.

Lewis Henry Porch     (Porch L. Pte.)
Private, 11019, South Wales Borderers.
Died October 31 1914.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium, Panel 22.

Evan Price     (Price E. Pte.)
Private, 24516, Welsh Regiment.
Died October 2 1915.
Wimereux Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France, Grave I. J. 31.

John James Price     (Price J. Pte.)
Private, 21444, Welsh Regiment.
Died April 24 1918.
Millencourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France, Grave E. 41.

Thomas George Reed     (Reed T. Pte.)
Private, 18614, Welsh Regiment.
Died July 10 1916.
Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France, Pier and Face 7 A and 10 A.

William Scrivens     (Scrivens W. Pte.)
Private, 20868, South Wales Borderers.
Died July 31 1917.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium, Panel 22.

Reginald Charles Sheen     (Sheen R. Pte.)
Private, 2876, Welsh Regiment 5th Battalion.
Died August 20 1915.
Helles Memorial, Turkey (including Gallipoli), Panel 140 to 144

Speake J. Pte. – not identified

Thomas Robert Taylor     (Taylor T. Sgt.)
Sergeant, 241100, Welsh Regiment.
Died November 3 1917.
Beersheba War Cemetery, Israel and Palestine (including Gaza), Grave F. 26.

Possibly Herbert Tratman    (Trotman G. Cpl.)

George Frederick Watkins     (Watkins G. Pte.)
Private, 9525, Welsh Regiment.
Died November 6 1914, age 26.
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium, Panel 37.

Thomas John Watts     (Watts T.J. Pte.)
Private, 8/15973, South Wales Borderers 8th Battalion.
Died December 15 1918 aged 26.
1747 Mikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria, Greece.
Son of John and Margaret Jane Watts (17 Charles Street, Brithdir).

Arthur Williams     (Williams A. Sgt.)
Private, 8831, Royal Welsh Fusiliers.
Died October 5 1916.
Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France, Pier and Face 4 A.

Williams F. Pte. – not identified

William George Williams     (Williams W. Pte.)
Private, 20953, Gloucestershire Regiment.
Died September 3 1917.
Villers-Faucon Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France, Grave I. F. 1

Brithdir War Memorial
Brithdir War Memorial

Brithdir Memorial 1939-45

Bertie William George Baker     (Baker G. Pte.)
Private  14767330  Durham Light Infantry, 9th Battalion.
Died April 4 1945, aged 29.
Grave 55. B. 13.,  Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Edward Brewer     (Brewer E. Pte.)
Fusilier  4204990  Royal Welch Fusiliers 12th Battalion.
Died April 12 1941, aged 27.
Buried Section O, Grave 12, Llandudno (Great Orme’s Head) Cemetery, Caernarvonshire.
Son of Sylvanus and Margaret Brewer; husband of Winifred Brewer, of Llandudno.

Trevor Butts        (Butts T. Pte.)
Gunner  1492701  Royal Artillery.
Died December 18 1941, aged 23.
Commemorated Column 3., Sai Wan Memorial, China (including Hong Kong).
Son of Herbert James Butts and Ethel Butts, of Brithdir.

John Thomas Ferguson     (Fergusson J. Cpl.)
Corporal  3954925  Welch Regiment 1/5th Battalion.
Died August 12 1944, aged 37.
Buried Grave  V. C. 26, Banneville-La-Campagne War Cemetery, Calvados, France
[Brother of Thomas Henry below]

Thomas Henry Ferguson     (Fergusson T. Pte.)
Private  3959703  Welch Regiment, 1st Battalion.
Died May 27 1941, aged 23.
Grave 3. A. 16. Suda Bay War Cemetery, Greece.
Son of Emily Cooper, of Brithdir.
[Brother of John Thomas above]

William Thomas Hill     (Hill W.T. P.O.)
Petty Officer Stoker  D/KX 83585  Royal Navy H.M.S. Dragonfly.
Died February 14 1942.
Commemorated Panel 69, Column 1, Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon

Howells J. Pte. – not identified

John Griffiths Jenkins     (Jenkins J.C. F/Lieut.)
Flight Lieutenant (Pilot)  124463  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Died April 24 1945, aged 23.
Buried Section B. Grave 3836., Gwaelod-y-Brithdir Cemetery.
Son of Lewis J. Jenkins and Sarah Jenkins, of Brithdir.

Clement Idris Jones     (Jones C.I. Pte.)
Private  3912662  Souh Wales Borderers, 1st Battalion.
Died June 19 1942, aged 28.
Commemorated Column 62., Alamein Memorial, Egypt.
Son of Charles and Harriet Jones; husband of Amelia Jones, of Brithdir.

Ernest Thomas Jones     (Jones E.T. F/Sgt.)
Flight Sergeant (Pilot)  570004  Royal Air Force, 15 Sqadron.
Died May 12 1944, aged 24.
Buried Row A. Grave 1., Leuven Communal Cemetery, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium.
Son of Joseph and Margaret Jones; husband of Sylvia Jones, of Brithdir.

William McDonald     (McDonald W. Pte.)
Private  2182010  Pioneer Corps, Aux. Mil.
Died June 17 1940, aged 38.
Buried Section 18, Plot 1, Row A, Grave 48, Rennes Eastern Communal Cemetery, Ille-et-Vilaine, France.
Son of William McDonald, and of Mary Ann McDonald, of Brithdir.

Ronald Phillips     (Phillips R. L/Ac.)
Leading Aircraftman  1313723  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Died November 20 1944, aged 28.
Buried Section B. Grave 3583., Gwaelod-y-Brithdir Cemetery.
Son of Ritchard and Claudia Phillips; husband of Gwyneth Phillips, of Bargoed.

Ernest Southam     (Southam E. Cpl.)
Corporal  7012844  Royal Ulster Rifles, 1st (Airborne) Battalion.
Died August 23 1944, aged 24.
Grave 7. G. 5., Tourgeville Military Cemetery, Calvados, France.
Son of Richard and May Southam; husband of Amelia Elizabeth Southam, of Brithdir.

Vivian Alquin Willetts     (Willetts V. F/Sgt.)
Flight Sergeant  970524  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 23 Sqadron.
Died April 27 1942, aged 24.
Commemorated  Panel 76., Runnymede Memorial, Surrey.
Son of Phillip L. and Margaret Willetts, of Brithdir.

Williams W.C. Pte. – not identified

Memorial Unveiling 1930

The official ceremony for the opening of the cenotaph. Rev. C.J. Griffith, Vicar of Bargoed, Dedicated the Memorial assisted by Rev. H. Williams and Rev. Harry West. Standing directly in front of the clergy is Mrs G Davies, secretary, as she prepared to read the Names of the Fallen. Mr Jack Rees chairman of the Memorial Committee on her left and directly behind him Mr H Brown. Photo courtesy of Mrs Fionnuala Eardley.
Some familiar faces gather for the unveiling ceremony: Right mid centre of picture is Joe Hayes, on his left wearing a light coloured bonnet is Mrs Harrison. The baby being nursed in a white shawl extreme left is Peter Evans. Directly in front of the third and fourth constables from left are Granville Brewer and William Powell. Note the attendance of eight police constables. Photo courtesy of Mr. Malcolm Winmill.
Brithdir War Memorial Committee, 1936; Standing: Mrs T Davies, Mr H Brown, Wesley House; Mr T Lewis, unkn, Jack Hill, Mr T Bishop, Mr W Hares and Mrs H Williams. Seated are Mrs W Williams, Mrs E.J. Morgan, Mrs Webb, Mrs W Cresswell, Mr Tommy Davies, schoolteacher & trustee; Mrs D.T.Davies, secretary; Mr T Davies, trustee; Mrs Jeremiah, Mrs George and Mrs T. Woods. Inset Jack Rees, Chairman.

Since 1920, the sum of £87 had been held in trust for the erection of a memorial to those of the village who had made the supreme sacrifice during the Great War. In September 1930, the inhabitants felt the time was right, and a public meeting, held at the George Hotel, elected a small organizing committee to push the project forward. The committee had difficulty finding a suitable site after their preferred location at Gwaelod-y-Brithdir cemetery was denied them. Eventually they settled on a site in front of the Workman’s Library Institute building. On Sunday, November 22, 1936, in front of a large crowd, Captain Lionel Lindsay, Chief Constable of Glamorgan, unveiled the work of sculptor Mr. Griffith Evans of Treforest.

The cenotaph was moved to its present site in 1973/74.  It now rests on consecrated ground where St Paul’s Church once stood.  The new site situated in the centre of the village at the top of Russell Street (many old inhabitants would know it as Church Street) had lain empty for 46 years and many would agree is a much more appropriate place for the Memorial.

From Express Newspaper 1974:
The rededication of the Brithdir Cenotaph brought back memories for Lucy Davies, who will be 90 on Christmas Day. She is the only person still alive who was in a 1936 photograph of the Brithdir British Legion Committee. A sprightly Mrs Davies chuckled as she reminisced over the photograph and recognised herself as a forty year old, furthest left on the back row. Her husband, Thomas Davies is fourth from the right in the front row. He had been in the Royal Horse Artillery. She pointed out Mary Ann George, layer out, known because she laid out the dead in the village, who is also in the photograph. Mrs Morgan, who kept the George, the only pub in Brithdir, is also pictured.