The names are listed alphabetically. In brackets are the names as they appear on the memorial – occasionally there are errors on memorials.

Great War 1914-18

George Henry Borkwell     (George Barkwell)
Bombardier 19903 Royal Field Artillery D Battery 87th Brigade
Died of wounds May 30 1918, aged 24
Grave XVI. A. 5. Terlincthun British cemetery, Wimille, Pas de Calais, France

Robert Barnes     (Robert Barnes)
Private 2674 Welsh Guards 1st Battalion
Killed in action November 18 1916
Pier and Face 7.D., Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France
Son of William and Sarah Barnes, 24 Central Street, Ystrad Mynach. Brother-in-law to casualty William Fellows

William John Bear     (William J Bear)
Private 19103 Leicestershire Regiment 2nd Battalion
Died September 25 1915, aged 24
Panel 42 to 44 Loos Memorial, Pas de Calais, France
Son of John F and Amelia Bear (1 Brynmynach Avenue, Ystrad Mynach)

Percy George Brookman     (Percy Brookman)
Private 40130 Gloucestershire Regiment 12th (Service) (Bristol) Battalion
Killed in action August 31 1918
Panel 6, Vis-en-Artois Memorial, Pas de Calais, France

Harry Brown – not identified

Henry Carroll – not identified

Charles R Collins     (Charles Collins)
Sergeant 13671 South Wales Borderers.
Died June 17 1916
Grave C.1, Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard

Percival Cooper     (Percy Cooper)
Private 77877 Royal Fusiliers 10th Battalion
Died September 6 1918, aged 22
Grave VI. F. 18. Bagneux British Cemetery, Gezaincourt, Somme, France
Son of Mrs S. Cooper (34 Ynysglyd Street, Ystrad Mynach)

William Edward Dodge     (William Dadge)
Private 3030291 Canadian Infantry 54th Battalion
Died September 27 1918, aged 29
Grave II. C. 34. Quarry Wood Cemetery, Sains-Les-Manquion, Pas de Calais, France
Son of Henry Thomas and Sarah Ann Dadge (Belmount, Ystrad Mynach)

Arthur Horace Davies     (Arthur H Davies)
Gunner 3244 Royal Field Artillery, “A” Battery, 211th Brigade
Killed in action March 27 1918, aged 24
Grave I.F.10, Humbercamps Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais, France
Son of Thomas and Alice J Davies of Ortinville, Michigan, USA. Born UK

Edward Davies – not identified

Harman Davies     (Harman Davies)
Corporal 5691 Army Pay Corps
Died May 16 1919
Grave C.17, Ystrad Mynach (Bethania) Calvanistic Methodist Chapelyard

Edward Thomas Davies     (Edward T Davies)
Second Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery 140th Siege Battery
Died October 13 1918, aged 29
Grave III. C. 9, Haynecourt British Cemetery, Nord, France
Son of David John and Jane Davis, of Maesycwmmer, Mon.

Reginald R Derrick     (Reginald R Derrick)
Private 10383 Gloucestershire Regiment 7th Battalion
Died August 8 1915 aged 21
Panel 102 to 105 Helles Memorial, Gallipoli, Turkey
Son of William and E. Derrick (of Bristol) and husband of Nellie May (later Hicks) (6 Pantycelyn Street, Ystrad Mynach)

William Divine – not identified

William James Drew     (William J Drew)
Acting Sergeant T2SSR/02300 Royal Army Service Corps
Died January 1 1918
Grave 1333, Salonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery, Greece
Son of William and Mary Drew (Devon) and husband of Clara (5 Alexandra Road, Hengoed)

Lewis Brinley Edwards     (Lewis B Edwards)
Sapper 1414 Australian Tunnelling Corps 3rd Company
Died November 27 1916, aged 31
Grave I. C. 10. Hersin Communal Cemetery Extension, France
Son of Richard and Sarah Edwards (Ivy Cottage, Hengoed)

John Evans – not identified

Evan Evans – not identified

William Fellows     (William Fellowes)
Lance Corporal 6516 Somerset Light Infantry 8th Battalion
Died April 23 1917, aged 37
Bay 4 Arras Memorial, Pas de Calais, France
Husband of Sarah C. (née Barnes, later Dugdale) (24 Central Street, Ystrad Mynach), and brother-in-law to casualty Robert Barnes.

Charles J Foley – not identified

Michael Foynes     (Michael Foynes)
Private 11723 Welsh Regiment 8th Battalion
Killed in action August 8 1915
Panel 140 to 144 Helles Memorial, Gallipoli Peninsular, Turkey
Son of Patrick Foynes (Co. Galway)

Leonard Walter Gowers     (Leonard W Gowers)
Private 533 Middlesex Regiment C Coy 11th Battalion
Died February 13 1916 aged 21
Grave II. M. 12. Vermelles British Cemetery
Son of Mr and Mrs R. Gowers (9 Pantycelyn Street, Ystrad Mynach)

Albert James Greenaway     (Albert Greenaway)
Gunner 4701 Royal Field Artillery D Battery 252nd Brigade
Died September 17 1916 aged 25
Grave I. F. 44 Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz, Somme, France
Son of Thomas and Charlotte Greenaway (3 Station Road, Ystrad Mynach)

Ernest Charles Russell Ham     (Ernest C R Ham)
Lance Corporal 58476 Royal Engineers, 61st Field Company
Died March 21 1918
Memorial Panel 10 to 13, Pozieres Memorial, Somme, France

S Harnden – not identified

Richard Henry Harvey     (Richard H Harvey)
Private 19883 South Wales Borderers 4th Battalion
Died April 22 1916, aged 30
Panel 16 and 62 Basra Memorial, Iraq
Son of Charles Harvey and husband of Alice (27 Pengam Road, Ystrad Mynach)

Arthur Edward Hinton     (Arthur E Hinton)
Private Grenadier Guards 1st Battalion
Died November 7 1918, aged 38
Grave III. G. 8, Awoingt British Cemetery, Nord, France.
Husband of Ada Mary Hinton, of 515, Fishponds Rd., Bristol

Benjamin Holder     (Benjamin Holder)
Driver T3/024421 Royal Army Service Corps
Died November 6 1916
Grave II. B. 10, Sailly-au-Bois Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France

Frederick Hole     (Fred Hole)
Private 24118 Welsh Regiment 17th Battalion
Killed in action September 5 1917
Grave XII. A. 11. Gouzeaucourt New British Cemetery, Nord, France

Gilbert William Howard     (Gilbert W Howard)
Gunner W/4952 Royal Field Artillery A Battery 121st Brigade
Died October 27 1918 ,aged 21
Grave B. 273 Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard
Son of William Howard and Emma (later Davis)

Joseph Ashton Humphreys     (Joseph A Humphreys)
Private 13543 South Wales Borderers 2nd Battalion
Killed in action July 1 1916
Grave C. 19. Y Ravine Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel, Somme, France

Walter James – not identified

Francis Jones – not identified

James Jones     (James Jones)
Private 926 Welsh Regiment 1st Battalion
Died May 26 1916, aged 23
Grave 135 Salonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery, Greece
Son of William and Rosena Jones (16 Alexandra Road, Hengoed)

John Jones     (John Jones)
Sapper 158132 Royal Engineers 258th Tunnelling Company
Died December 6 1916, aged 32
Grave VIII. C. 202 Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France
Son of Samuel Jones (20 Ynysglyd Street, Ystrad Mynach) and husband of Ada (3 Railway Terrace, Caerphilly)

Philip Vivian Jones     (P Vivian Jones)
Private 1379 Australian Infantry, A.I.F. 3rd Battalion
Died May 15 1915, aged 37
Grave C. 12. 4th Battalion Parade Ground Cemetery, Gallipoli Peninsular, Turkey
Son of James P. and M. A. Jones (Hengoed)

Ewart Edmund Lewis     (E Edmund Lewis)
Sergeant 91747 Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery C Battery 177th Brigade
Died of wounds March 21 1918
Commemorated Panel 7 to 10 Pozieres Memorial, Somme, France
Military Medal (for bravery in the Field)

Archibald Thurston Thomas Lindsay     (Archibald T T Lindsay)
Lieutenant Royal Engineers 7th Army Troops Company, Royal Monmouthshire
Died March 26 1918, aged 20
Grave I. J. 36. Foncquevillers Military Cemetery, France
Son of Col. H.E.M. Lindsay, C.B., R.E., and Mrs Lindsay (Ystrad Fawr, Ystrad Mynach and Glasnevin, Co. Dublin) 

Claud Frederic Thomas Lindsay     (Claud F T Lindsay)
Major Royal Field Artillery 33rd Battery
Died March 31 1908, aged 26
Grave near middle of Hailles Communal Cemetery, France
Son of Col. H.E.M. Lindsay, C.B., R.E., and Mrs Lindsay (Ystrad Fawr, Ystrad Mynach and Glasnevin, Co. Dublin) Husband of Dorothy Lindsay

George Walter Thomas Lindsay     (George W T Lindsay)
Captain Royal Field Artillery, attached to Royal Flying Corps
Died June 26 1917, aged 26
Buried in family vault Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard
Son of Col. H.E.M. Lindsay, C.B., R.E., and Mrs Lindsay (Ystrad Fawr, Ystrad Mynach and Glasnevin, Co. Dublin).

Tom D Lloyd – not identified

Berry Oliver Lockyer     (Berry O Lockyer)
Private 17417 Somerset Light Infantry 6th Battalion
Killed in action August 18 1916
Pier and Face 2 A, Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France
Son of Henry and Edith Lockyer (Aller, Langport, Somerset)

John McMurtrie     (John McMurtrie)
Captain (Acting Major) Corps of Royal Engineers
Killed in action July 26 1917, aged 32
Grave III. F. 3. Bard Cottage Cemetery
Son of James and Margaret Cowper McMurtrie (Radstock, Bath)

Joseph Sidney Meredith    (Joseph S Meredith)
Private 49296 Royal Army Medical Corps
Died July 26 1916
Grave VI. G. 4. Basra War Cemetery, Iraq
Son of Mr and Mrs J. S. Meredith (2 Guildford Street, Hereford) and husband of M. W. Meredith (later Matthews) (23 Berthllanlwyd, Cascade, Pengam)

John Morgan     (John Morgan)
Gunner 54343 Royal Garrison Artillery 36th Siege Battery.
Died of wounds May 3 1917
Grave H. 10. Athies Communal Cemetery Extension
Son of Mrs Morgan (19 Central Street, Ystrad Mynach)

Probably Levi Richards Morris     (Lewis R Morris)
????? 46102 Welsh Regiment 17th Battalion
Died of wounds June 13 1918, aged 33
Grave in east part Maesycwmmer (Tabor) Congregational Chapelyard
Husband of Jessie Rosanna Griffiths (formerly Morris), of 36, Newbridge Rd., Pontllanfraith

Wyndham Morris – not identified

Frederick James Norris     (Frederick J Norris)
Private 28490 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 2/4th Battalion
Died of wounds October 29 1917, aged 20
Grave XII. A. 4. Dozinghem Military Cemetery, Belgium
Son of James and Ada L. Norris (30 Raglan Road, Hengoed)  

Percy Walter Norris     (Percy W Norris)
Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 34th Battalion
Died July 29 1918 aged 30. Reported in Merthyr Express August 17 1918 that he had been killed in action.
Grave IIIA. A. 6. Raperie British Cemetery, Villemontoire, France
Husband of Kate May Norris (Danygraig, Ystrad Mynach)

Frederick George Osborne     (Fred G Osborne)
Private 2837 Welsh Regiment 1st/5th Battalion
Died August 17 1915
Panel 140 to 144 Helles Memorial, Gallipoli Peninsular, Turkey
Son of Mrs Louisa Osborne (28 Commercial Street, Ystrad Mynach)

Leonard Perrin     (Leonard Perrins)
Private 35009 King’s Shropshire Light Infantry 1st Battalion
Killed in action September 18 1918
Grave B. 50, Trefcon British Cemetery, Caulaincourt, Aisne, France
Husband of Mrs E. L. Perrin (28 Over Ross St., Ross, Herefordshire)

James Vickery Porter     (James V Porter)
Private 35131 Welsh Regiment 17th Battalion
Killed in action November 25 1917
Panel 7, Cambrai Memorial, Louverval, France

Archibald James Powell     (Archibald Powell)
Private 30366 Welsh Regiment 14th Battalion
Killed in action July 10 1916
Commemorated Pier and Face 7A and 10A Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France
Husband of Grace Beatrice (later Miles) (35 Trosnant Crescent, Penybryn, Gelligaer)

Charles Price – not identified

Percy Quinn aka Patrick     (Percy Quinn)
Private 1/11820 South Wales Borderers 2nd Battalion
Awarded Military Medal
Died July 1 1916, aged 23
Grave B. 73.Hawthorn Ridge Cemetery No. 2, Auchonvillers, France
Born in Dublin and became adopted son of Mr E. C. Whitcombe (17 Alexandra Raod, Hengoed)

Gwilym Idrris Rees     (Gwilym L Rees)
Private 12422 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 8th Battalion
Died September 29 1915, aged 18
Grave II. E. 6. Hill 10 Cemetery, Gallipoli Peninsular, Turkey
Son of Gwilym and Martha Rees (5 Davies Street, Ystrad Mynach)

George Richards     (George Richards)
Private 18909 Welsh Regiment 13th Battallion
Killed in Action July 10 1916
Commemorated Pier and Face 7 A and 10 A., Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France

William John Richards     (William J Richards)
Driver 92589 Royal Field Artilllery 4th Brigade Ammunition Column
Died May 31 1918
Grave C, XVIII. 3, Pieta Military Cemetery, Malta

Austin Roberts     (Austin Roberts)
Gunner 103605 Royal Garrison Artillery, “R” Anti-Aircraft Battery
Died August 29 1919
Grave IV. C. 18, Cologne Southern Cemetery, Germany

Alexander Lawrie Russell     (Alexander L Russell)
Private DM2/190081 Royal Army Service Corps 338th M.T.Company.
Died December 19 1918, aged 33
Grave F. 4. Chela Kula Military Cemetery, Nis, Serbia
Son of Thomas and Christina Russell. Husband of Amy Ann Russell (Cartref, Penallta Road, Ystrad Mynach)

Harry Smith – not identified

William Rees Smith     (William R Smith)
Driver 108792 Royal Field Artillery 85th Battery 11th Brigade
Killed in action September 23 1918, aged 23
Grave 22 Beveren-Ijzer Churchyard, Belgium
Son of John and Sarah Ann Smith (19 Hengoed Crescent, Hengoed)

Bertram Stevens     (Bert Stevens)
Gunner 815375 Royal Field Artillery “B” Batterry 298th Brigade
Died March 25 1918
Commemorated Bay 1, Arras Memorial, Pas de Calais, France

Sydney Thomas     (Syd Thomas)
Private 34089 Welsh Regiment 9th Battalion
Died October 27 1916, aged 36
Pier and Face 7A and 10A Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France
Son of Mr and Mrs Thomas (Ferndale, Rhondda Fach) and husband of Hannah Thomas (12 Penybryn, Penalta Road, Ystrad Mynach)

George Walker     (George T Walker)
Private 14152 King’s Shropshire Light Infantry 1st Battalion
Died September 19 1918, aged 27
Grave I. F. 1. Brie British Cemetery, France
Son of Charles Walker (32 Hengoed Avenue, Garden Village, Hengoed)

Thomas Walker     (Thomas Walker)
Gunner 3151 Royal Field Artillery 11th Battery 1st Brigade
Died October 3 1916, aged 39
Grave I. A. 9. Lahana Military Cemetery, Greece
Husband of Mary Walker (18 Commercial Street, Ystrad Mynach)

George J Warren – not identified

Amy Laura Whitcombe     (Amy L Whitcombe)
Worker 36023 Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps S. C. Convalescent Hospital, Plymouth
Died November 3 1918, aged 24
Grave Church L.A. 5. 28. Plymouth (Ford Park) Cemetery
Daughter of Edward Charles and Emma Whitcombe (17 Alexandra Road, Hengoed)

David Williams – not identified

George Williams – not identified

Holland Williams     (Holland Williams)
Sergeant 19837 Royal Field Artillery, “B” Battery, 87th Brigade
Died March 6 1917
Commemorated Bay 1, Arras Memorial, Pas de Calais, France.

William Ernest Willis     (Ernie Willis)
Private 81028 King’s (Liverpool Regiment) 2nd Garrison Battalion
Killed in action February 27 1917
Grave 907 Salonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery, Greece

Robert Wood     (Robert Wood)
Private 14555 Welsh Regiment 19th Battalion
Died of wounds February 27 1917 aged 19.
Grave II. B. 2. Mendinghem Military Cemetery
Son of Robin and Mary Hannah Wood (Malvern)

Sydney Needes Wyatt     (Syd Wyatt)
Private 33109 Welsh Regiment 1st Battalion
Died October 2 1915 aged 34
Panel 77 and 78 Loos Memorial
Son of Edwin Durban and Elizabeth Wyatt and husband of Susannah Elizabeth Wyatt (3 Cefn Road, Hengoed)

Ystrad Mynach War Memorial from 50 yards

Ystrad Mynach and Hengoed War Memorial is now in the northern end of the grounds of Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr (the new Ystrad Hospital)

Ystrad Mynach War Memorial

World War II 1939-45

Herbert Eric Bailey     (H.E. Bailey)
Flight Sergeant  971793  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 78 Squadron
Died May 9 1941, aged 24
Coll. grave 5. E. 5-7, Sage War Cemetery, Niedersachsen, Germany
Son of Herbert Bailey, and of Elizabeth H. Bailey, of Ystrad Mynach

Richard Blewett     (R. Blewitt)
Pilot Officer  52812  Royal Air Force
Died October 10 1943, aged 24
Buried Division 4. Grave 632. Campbeltown (Kilkerran) Cemetery, Argyllshire
Son of Alfred and Mary E. Blewett, of Penybryn, Hengoed

Reginal Alfred Edward Brooks     (R.A.E. Brooks)
Private  3973705  Welch Regiment, 1/5th Battalion
Died April 29 1942, aged 20
Buried Plot F. Grave 381, Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard
Son of Charles and Edith Maud Brooks, of Hengoed

David Gwynne Davies     (D.G.Davies)
Sergeant  1836072  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 149 Squadron
Died February 6 1944, aged 31
Coll. Grave Cussy-les-Forges Communal Cemetery, Yonne, France
Son of David and Rebecca Ann Davies, of Ystrad Mynach

John Samuel Davies     (J.S. Davies)
Bombardier  1474423  Royal Artillery, 239 Battery, 77 H.A.A. Regiment
Died November 29 1943, aged 33
Commemorated Column 7, Singapore Memorial, Singapore
Husband of M. Davies, of Ystrad Mynach

Graham Herbert Evans    (G.H. Evans)
Sergeant  1025594  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 425 (R.C.A.F.) Squadron
Died March 26 1944, aged 21
Plot F. Grave 290, Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard
Son of William Jenkins Stanley and Elizabeth Evans, of Ystrad Mynach

John Thompson Evans     (J.T. Evans)
Flight Lieutenant  136188  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 38 Sqadron
Died March 20 1945, aged 24
Commemorated Panel 18, Column 1. Malta Memorial
Son of Edward Francis and Gertrude Evans, of Hengoed

William Thomas Evans     (W. Evans)
Gunner  11416923  Royal Artillery, 28 Searchlight Regiment.
Died September 27 1944, aged 42
Plot F. Grave 441, Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard
Son of William and Sarah Evans; husband of Ethel May Evans, of Ystrad Mynach

P. Gabriel – not identified

Raymond Llewelyn Ganderton     (R. Ganderton)
Sergeant (Air Gunner)  1836364  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Died June 17 1944, aged 21
Row 10. Grave 8. Llanfabon Cemetery
Son of Ernest and Katherine Ganderton; nephew of Idris G. Griffiths, of Gelligaer

Thomas Henry Gittins     (T.H. Gittens)
Flight Sergeant  1067871  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 75 (R.N.Z.A.F.) Squadron
Died August 7 1943, aged 24
Commemorated Panel 136., Runnymede Memorial, Surrey
Son of Arthur and Margaret Ann Gittins, of Hengoed

Vincent Reginald Goddard     (V.R. Goddard))
Lance Corporal  2196874  Royal Engineers, 4 Bomb Disposal Company
Died December 11 1944, aged 24
Grave 200, Hengoed Welsh Baptist Chapelyard
Son of John Thomas Goddard and Alice Goddard; husband of Berenice Goddard, of Cefn-Hengoed, Hengoed

E. J. Hartman – not identified

Frederick George Hier     (F. G. Hier)
Corporal  7876094  Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Died December 17 1945, aged 40
Plot G. Grave 6,  Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard
Son of Sidney and C. Hier; husband of Iris Grace Eileen Hier, of Ystrad Mynach

Gordon Hitchens     (G. Hitchens)
Private  3910627  South Wales Borderers
Died January 26 1942, aged 22
Plot F. Grave 196, Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard
Son of William James Hitchens and Tirzah Ann Hitchens, of Ystrad Mynach

Benjamin Holder     (B. Holder)
Gunner  1726978  Royal Artillery, 7/4 Maritime Regiment
Died November 29 1941, aged 26
Commemorated Panel 62, Column 3, Plymouth Naval Memorial
Son of Benjamin and Alice Maud Holder; husband of Lilian May Holder, of Blackwood, Monmouthshire

A. Jenkins – not identified

Emlyn Lawrence Warnford Jelley     (E.L.W. Jelley)
Gunner  978706  Royal Horse Artillery, 5 Regiment
Died December 18 1942, aged 27
Grave 8. E. 4., Tripoli War Cemetery, Libya
Son of Henry and Alice Mary Jelley, of Hengoed

George Edmund Armon Jones     (G.E.A. Jones)
Trooper  7924842  Royal Tank Regiment, R.A.C., 8th
Died December 8 1941, aged 31
Grave 4. G. 12., Knightsbridge War Cemetery Acroma, Libya
Son of George and Elizabeth Ann Jones; husband of Sarah Ceridwen Jones, of Hengoed

Ernest John Roger Lambley     (E. Lambley)
Boy 1st Class  D/JX 157804  Royal Navy, HMS Glorious
Died June 8 1940, aged 16
Commemorated Panel 39, Column 2, Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon
Son of Robert John and Bessie Lambley, of Draycott, Cheddar, Somerset.

WW2 names on Ystrad Mynach/Hengoed War Memorial

G.H. Lewis – not identified

G. Littlewood – not identified

Frederick Henry Morgan    (F.H. Morgan)
Flight Sergeant  929015  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 156 Squadron
Died December 24 1943, aged 23
Commemoration Panel 138., Runnymede Memorial, Surrey
Son of T. H. Morgan, and of Blodwen Morgan, of Cefn Hengoed

B. Meyrick – not identified

R. Parry – not identified

E. Payne – not identified

James Probart     (J. Probart))
Guardsman  2735371  Welsh Guards, 2nd Battalion
Died August 3 1944, aged 25
Commemoration Panel 12, Column 3., Bayeux Memorial, Calvados, France
Son of Mrs. E. J. Probart, of Hengoed

H. Prosser – not identified

David Albert Rawlings     (D.A. Rawlings)
Private  4202807  Royal Warwickshire Regiment 2nd Battalion
Died August 6 1944, age 29
VIII. B. 7. Tilly-Sur-Seulles War Cemetery, France
Son of Frederick William and Celia Rawlings, Bargoed; husband of Violet Rawlings, Bargoed; father of Norma Evangeline

Frederick Roberts     (F. Roberts)
Mess Room Boy  Merchant Navy, S.S. W. Hendrik (Newcastle-on-Tyne)
Died December 3 1940, aged 19
Commemoration Panel 116, Tower Hill Memorial, London
Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Roberts, of Cefn Hengoed, Hengoed

Arthur Frederick Noel Roberts     (A.F.N. Roberts)
Warrant Officer  590902  Royal Air Force, 613 Squadron
Died  December 25 1944, aged 27
Plot 2. Row B. Grave 3, Cambrai (Route De Solesmes) Communal Cemetery, France
Son of Arthur Frederick and Ruth Roberts,Ystrad Mynach; husband of Ruby Irene Roberts, Upholland, Lancashire

Leslie Smith     (L. Smith)
Signalman  5675219  Royal Corps of Signals, 45th Division Sigs
Died January 1 1942, age 23
Plot B. Grave 240, Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard
Son of Albert Edward and Lydia Smith; husband of Enid Joy Smith, of Ystrad Mynach

Ronald Teconi     (R. Teconi)
Fourth Engineer Officer  Merchant Navy, S.S. Widestone (London)
Died November 17/18 1942, aged 24
Commemorated Panel 119, Tower Hill Memorial, London
Son of Albert and Beatrice Teconi, of Ystrad Mynach

Eric Roy Tudge     (E.R. Tudge)
Flying Officer  167783               Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Died December 3 1945, aged 20
3. A. 6. Rangoon War Cemetery, Myanmar
Son of Frederick John and Hilda Mary Tudge, of Grays, Essex; husband of Joan Ida Tudge, of Ystrad Mynach

D. Thomas – not identified

Alan Basil Granville Williams     (A.B.G. Williams)
Sergeant  1653142  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Died September 7 1943, aged 19
Plot C. Grave 446, Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard
Son of John Pierce Williams and Doris Victoria Williams, of Ystrad Mynach

E. Williams – not identified

Glyndwr Williams     (G. Williams)
Fourth Engineer Officer Merchant Navy, S.S. Empire Jaguar (London)
Died December 8 1940, aged 21
Commemeration Panel 42, Tower Hill Memorial, London
Son of David John and Lily Williams, of Ystrad Mynach

Richard Glenyster Williams     (R.G. Williams)
Air Fitter (E)  SFX1316  Royal Navy, H.M.S. Landrail
Died January 30 1942, aged 20
Row C. Grave 479, Ystrad Mynach (Bethania) Calvinistic Methodist Chapelyard
Son of Richard David and Catherine Williams, of Ystrad Mynach

Harold George Young     (H.G. Young)
Private  5385921  Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry, 2nd (Airborne) Battalion
Died June 13 1944, aged 30
Grave IA. E. 19., Ranville War Cemetery, Calvados, France
Son of Charles Edward and Florence Young; husband of Margaret Young, of Hengoed