Ystrad Mynach and Hengoed 1939-45 Memorial


Names on Memorial Additional Information
H. E. Bailey Herbert Eric Bailey.
Flight Sergeant W. Op./Air Gnr. 971793 RAFVR 78 Squadron.
Died (aged 24) May 9 1941.
Grave 5. E. 5-7. Sage War Cemetery.
Son of Herbert and Elizabeth H. Bailey (Ystrad Mynach). 
R.A.E. Brooks Reginal Alfred Edward Brooks
Private  3973705  Welch Regiment, 1/5th Battalion.
Died April 29 1942, aged 20.
Buried Plot F. Grave 381., Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard.
Son of Charles and Edith Maud Brooks, of Hengoed
R.Blewitt Richard Blewett (also on Memorial in Gelligaer Parish Church)
Pilot Officer  52812  Royal Air Force.
Died October 10 1943, aged 24.
Buried Division 4. Grave 632. Campbeltown (Kilkerran) Cemetery, Argyllshire.
Son of Alfred and Mary E. Blewett, of Penybryn, Hengoed.
D.G Davies David Gwynne Davies
Sergeant  1836072  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 149 Squadron.
Died February 6 1944, aged 31.
Coll. Grave Cussy-les-Forges Communal Cemetery, Yonne, France.
Son of David and Rebecca Ann Davies, of Ystrad Mynach.
J.S. Davies John Samuel Davies.
Bombadier 1474423 Royal Artillery 239 Bty., 77 H.A.A. Regiment.
Died (aged 33) November 29 1943.
Commemorated Column 7 Singapore Memorial.
Husband of M. Davies (Ystrad Mynach). 
G.H. Evans Graham Herbert Evans.
Sergeant Air Gnr. 1025594 RAFVR 425 RCAF Squadron.
Died (aged 21) March 26 1944.
Grave F. 290. Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard.
Son of William Jenkins Stanley and Elizabeth Evans (Ystrad Mynach). 
J.T. Evans John Thompson Evans
Flight Lieutenant  136188  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 38 Sqadron.
Died March 20 1945, aged 24.
Commemorated Panel 18, Column 1. Malta Memorial.
Son of Edward Francis and Gertrude Evans, of Hengoed.
W. Evans William Thomas Evans.
Gunner 11416923 Royal Artillery 28 Searchlight Regiment.
Died (aged 42) September 27 1944.
Grave F. 441, Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard.
Son of William and Sarah Evans, husband of Ethel May Evans (Ystrad Mynach). 
P. Gabriel  
R. Ganderton Raymond Llewelyn Ganderton (also on Memorial in Gelligaer Parish Church)
Sergeant (Air Gunner)  1836364  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
Died June 17 1944, aged 21.
Buried Row 10. Grave 8. Llanfabon Cemetery.
Son of Ernest and Katherine Ganderton; nephew of Idris G. Griffiths, of Gelligaer.
T.H. Gittens Thomas Henry Gittins
Flight Sergeant  1067871  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 75 (R.N.Z.A.F.) Squadron.
Died August 7 1943, aged 24.
Commemorated Panel 136., Runnymede Memorial, Surrey.
Son of Arthur and Margaret Ann Gittins, of Hengoed.
V.R. Goddard Vincent Reginald Goddard (also on Memorial in Gelligaer Parish Church)
Lance Corporal  2196874  Royal Engineers, 4 Bomb Disposal Company.
Died December 11 1944, aged 24.
Grave 200, Hengoed Welsh Baptist Chapelyard.
Son of John Thomas Goddard and Alice Goddard; husband of Berenice Goddard, of Cefn-Hengoed, Hengoed.
E.J. Hartmann  
F.G. Hier Frederick George Hier.
Corporal 7876094 Royal Army Ordnance Corps.
Died (aged 40) December 17 1945.
Grave G. 6. Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard.
Son of Sidney and C. Hier, husband of Iris Grace Eileen Hier (Ystrad Mynach).
G. Hitchens Gordon Hitchens.
Private 3910627 South Wales Borderers.
Died (aged 22) January 26 1942.
Grave F. 196 Ystrad Mynach (Holy TRinity) Churchyard.
Son of William James and Tirzah Ann Hitchens (Ystrad Mynach). 
B. Holder Benjamin Holder (also on Memorial in Gelligaer Parish Church)
Gunner  1726978  Royal Artillery, 7/4 Maritime Regiment.
Died November 29 1941, aged 26.
Commemorated Panel 62, Column 3, Plymouth Naval Memorial.
Son of Benjamin and Alice Maud Holder; husband of Lilian May Holder, of Blackwood, Monmouthshire.
A. Jenkins Albert Jenkins.
Private 6403121 Royal Sussex Regiment 1st Battalion.
Died (aged 24) October 5 1942.
Grave XXV. H. 11. Alamein War Cemetery.
Son of Tom and Florence May Jenkins (Ystrad Mynach). 
E.L.W. Jelley Emlyn Lawrence Warnford Jelley
Gunner  978706  Royal Horse Artillery, 5 Regiment.
Died December 18 1942, aged 27.
Grave 8. E. 4., Tripoli War Cemetery, Libya.
Son of Henry and Alice Mary Jelley, of Hengoed.
G.E.A. Jones George Edmund Armon Jones
Trooper  7924842  Royal Tank Regiment, R.A.C., 8th.
Died December 8 1941, aged 31.
Grave 4. G. 12., Knightsbridge War Cemetery Acroma, Libya.
Son of George and Elizabeth Ann Jones; husband of Sarah Ceridwen Jones, of Hengoed.
E.Lambley Ernest Lambley (also on Memorial in Gelligaer Parish Church) 
G.H. Lewis  
W. Lewis William Lewis.
Lance Corporal 410580 Royal Armoured Corps 7th Queen's Own Hussars.
Died (aged 24) June 30 1940.
Grave 11. B. 10. Halfaya Sollum War Cemetery.
Son of William Henry and Mabel Lewis (Ystrad Mynach). 
G. Littlewood  
H.R. Morgan  
B. Meyrick Benjamin Meyrick (also on Memorial in Gelligaer Parish Church)
R. Parry Ralph Parry.
Lance Corporal 3962040 Cheshire Regiment 2nd battalion.
Died (aged 26) April 6 1943.
Grave Sp. Mem. 17. H. Medjez-El-Bab War Cemetery.
Son of Arthur and Jessie Parry (Ystrad Mynach). 
E. Payne Edward Payne (also on Memorial in Gelligaer Parish Church)
J. Probart James Probart
Guardsman  2735371  Welsh Guards, 2nd Battalion.
Died August 3 1944, aged 25.
Commemoration Panel 12, Column 3., Bayeux Memorial, Calvados, France.
Son of Mrs. E. J. Probart, of Hengoed.
H. Prosser Howard Prosser (also on Memorial in Gelligaer Parish Church)
F. Roberts Frederick Roberts (also on Memorial in Gelligaer Parish Church)
Mess Room Boy  Merchant Navy, S.S. W. Hendrik (Newcastle-on-Tyne).
Died December 3 1940, aged 19.
Commemoration Panel 116, Tower Hill Memorial, London.
Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Roberts, of Cefn Hengoed, Hengoed.
A.F.N. Roberts Arthur Frederick Noel Roberts.
Warrant Officer Pilot 590902 RAF 613 Squadron.
Died (aged 27) December 25 1944.
Grave 2. B. 3. Cambrai (Route de Solesmes) Communal Cemetery.
Son of Arthur Frederick and Ruth Roberts (Ystrad Mynach) and husband of Ruby Irene Roberts (Upholland, Lancashire). 
L. Smith Leslie Smith.
Signalman 5675219 Corps of Signals 45th Div. Sigs.
Death (aged 23) January 1 1942.
Grave B. 240. Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard.
Son of Albert Edward and Lydia Smith, husband of Enid Joy Smith (Ystrad Mynach). 
R. Teconi Ronald Teconi.
Fourth Engineer Officer, Merchant Navy S.S. Widestone (London).
Died (aged 24) November 17-18 1942.
Commemorated Panel 119 Tower Hill Memorial.
Son of Albert and Beatrice Teconi (Ystrad Mynach).
E.R. Tudge Eric Roy Tudge.
Flying Officer 167783 RAFVR.
Died (aged 20) December 3 1945.
Grave 3. A. 6. Rangoon War Cemetery.
Son of Frederick John and Hilda Mary Tudge (Grays, Essex) and husband of Joan Ida Tudge (Ystrad Mynach). 
D. Thomas David Thomas.
Gunner 3910442 Royal Artillery 312 Bty., 90 Lt. A.A. Regiment.
Died (aged 24) May 13 1943.
Grave 7. A. 17. Medjez-El-Bab War Cemetery.
Son of Mr and Mrs david Thomas (Ystrad Mynach). 
A.B.G. Williams Alan Basil Granville Williams.
Sergeant Flt. Eng 1653142 RAFVR.
Died (aged 19) September 7 1943.
Grave C. 446. Ystrad Mynach (Holy Trinity) Churchyard.
Son of John Pierce and Doris Victoria Williams (Ystrad Mynach). 
E. Williams  
G. Williams Glyndwr Williams. 
Fourth Engineer Officer, Merchant Navy S.S. Empire Jaguar (London).
Died (aged 21) December 8 1940.
Commemorated Panel 42 Tower Hill Memorial.
Son of David John and Lily Williams (Ystrad Mynach).
R.G. Williams Richard Glenyster Williams.
Air Fitter (E) Leading SFX1316, Royal Navy H.M.S. Landrail.
Died (aged 20) January 30 1942.
Grave C 479 Ystrad Mynach (Bethania) Calvinistic Methodist Chapelyard.
Son of Richard David and Catherine Williams (Ystrad Mynach).
H.G. Young Harold George Young (also on Memorial in Gelligaer Parish Church)
Private  5385921  Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry, 2nd (Airborne) Battalion.
Died June 13 1944, aged 30.
Grave IA. E. 19., Ranville War Cemetery, Calvados, France.
Son of Charles Edward and Florence Young; husband of Margaret Young, of Hengoed. 
D.A. Rawlings  
F.H. Morgan Frederick Henry Morgan (also on Memorial in Gelligaer Parish Church)
Flight Sergeant  929015  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 156 Squadron.
Died December 24 1943, aged 23.
Commemoration Panel 138., Runnymede Memorial, Surrey.
Son of T. H. Morgan, and of Blodwen Morgan, of Cefn Hengoed.



Herbert Eric Bailey

Herbert Eric Bailey was a member of the crew when 20 year old Sergeant Lawrence Thorpe of 78 Squadron was piloting Whitley Mk V T4147 (EY-D) on a bombing raid to Bremen. Flying out of Middleton St George, the aircraft crashed at Heisfelde, northern outskirts of Leer, Germany, near the border with the Netherlands.

The crew members were :-

Rank Surname Name Trade Age Residence
Sergeant Thorpe Lawrence Pilot 20 Leytonstone,   Essex
Pilot Officer Wallis-Stolzle Ronald Walter Pilot 33 Whitstable, Kent
Sergeant Lewis Peter James Observer    
Sergeant Emmett Peter Wm Reynolds Wireless Op/Air Gnr 23 Brighton, Sussex
Flight Sgt Bailey Herbert Eric Wireless Op/Air   Gnr 24 Ystrad Mynach,Glam

The small village of Sage lies in the north of Germany approx 56kms west of Bremen. Most of those buried at Sage War Cemetery were airmen lost in bombing raids over northern Euope whose graves were brought in from cemeteries in the Frisian Islands and other parts of north-west Germany. The crew of T4147 lie side by side in a collective grave except for P/O Wallis-Stolzle who is buired in a separate plot.

Graham Herbert Evans

At 16.30 hours (March 26 1944), LW693 took off from Tholthorpeon on a training mission. Control was lost at 10,000 feet (possibly due to loss of flying speed) and at 21.00 hours the plane crashed at Bradford-upon-Avon from around 5000 feet. The deaths were registered at Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

The crew members were :

  • Pilot Flt Sergeant J G B Hall Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) died and was buried in Bath (Haycombe) Cemetery. He was an American, from Pleasantville, New York.
  • Sergeant G H Evans RAFVR died and was buried in Ystrad Mynach.
  • Flt Sergeant William Alexander Cameron RCAF of British Columbia was injured. He returned to flying and was killed July 19 1944 when his aircraft, Halifax LW672, crashed at Koln-Rient during an operation to Wesseling. All crew lost except one POW
  • Sergeant H Newton RAFVR died and was buried in Bath (Haycombe) Cemetry
  • Sergeant R S Porter RCAF died and was buried in Bath (Haycombe) Cemetery.
  • Corporal D C S Reid RCAF survived after bailing out.
  • Sergeant Flight Engineer Frank Norman Simpson RAFVR, died and was buried at Saint Mathew’s Church, Stretton, Cheshire. Commemorated twice, his name is on the stone cross War Memorial in the churchyard and on a wooden panel inside the church.
see The-Men-Who-Fell-to-Earth for more detail on the accident.
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