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Gelligaer Historical Society Journal 27 - 2020

A full list of the Articles is shown below.
The Journal is be available for £5 (plus £2.00 postage).

Volume21cV23 Covera1Gelligaer XXV Cover1Gelligaer Historical Society Journals
World War 1 Volumes - 21 (2014), 23 (2016) & 25 (2018)

The three Journals together are available for £10 (plus £3.00 postage).
A list of the Articles is shown below.

0 BB CoverBRITHDIR - Yesteryear in an upper Rhymney Valley Community

A 356 page history of the village of Brithdir including over 100 pictures
Softback version available for £8 (plus £2.50 postage)


A 336 page written history of Bargoed and Gilfach in a beautiful hardback book published November 2011

Now £5   (plus post and packaging £3) 

Gelligaer Historical Society Journals (see below for contents)
Gelligaer Journal Volume 27  published 2020 £5.00 £2.00 post & packaging.
Gelligaer Journal Volume 26  published 2019 £5.00 £2.00 post & packaging.
Gelligaer Journal Volume 25  published 2018 - 3rd Great War Edition £5.00 £2.00 post & packaging.
Gelligaer Journal Volume 24  published 2017 - includes History of Penybank £5.00 £2.00 post & packaging.
Gelligaer Journal Volume 23  published 2016 - 2nd Great War Edition £5.00 £2.00 post & packaging.
Gelligaer Journal Volume 22  published 2015 - includes History of Troedrhiwfuwch £5.00 £2.00 post & packaging.
Gelligaer Journal Volume 21  published 2014 - Great War Edition £5.00 £2.00 post & packaging.
Gelligaer Journal Volume 20  published 2013          £3.00 £2.00 post & packaging.
Gelligaer Journal Volume 19  published 2012 £3.00 out of print
Gelligaer Journal Volume 18  published 2010 £3.00 £2.00 post & packaging.
Gelligaer Journal Volume 17  published 2009 £3.00 £2.00 post & packaging.
Gelligaer Journal Volume 16  published 2007 £3.00 £2.00 post & packaging
Gelligaer Journal Volume 15  published 2005 £4.00 £1.50 post & packaging
Gelligaer Journal Volumes Vol 11–15 in 1 volume £3.00 £2 post & packaging.
Gelligaer Journal Volumes Vol   6–10 in 1 volume £3.00 £2 post & packaging.

The single volume collections were produced for the society by Dr. Fred Holley

Also available from Gelligaer Historical Society:      Parish of Gelligaer - The farms and their familes 1540-1840
Volume 1 - Garthgynydd Hamlet  
100 pages         not available
Bedlinog-isaf, Bedlinog-uchaf, Blaen-nant-wen, Blaenllwynau, Clwyd-trawscae, Coly-isaf, Coly-uchaf, Garth-gynydd farm, Lan-isaf, Lan-uchaf, Nant-wen, Twyn-giden, Tylaglas
Volume 2 - Brithdir Hamlet     £5.00
240 pages         p&p £2.00
Blaen Rhymney, Brithdir farm, Brithdir isaf  & uchaf, Cefn Bach, Cefn-y-Brithdir, Craig-Rhymney, Deri-Newydd, Dyffryn Farm, Groes-faen, Gwaelod-y-Brithdir, Pen-y-fid, Plas Milfre, Pontlottyn, Tir-y-ferch-Gryno, Tir Phil, Troedrhiwfuwch, Troed-y-rhiw Jestyn, Ty Newydd, Tyr-capel.
Volume 3 - Ysgwyddgwyn Hamlet 
184 pages       not available
Bryn-coch, Bryn-rhe, Cilhaul, Cwmllwydrew, Ffos-yr-hebog, Ffynnon-duon, Fochriw, Glyn-y-march, Gwern-llwynau, Maerdy, Pen-y-bank, Pen-y-garreg, Tir Twppa, Ysgwyddgwyn Mill, Ysgwyddgwyn-isaf, Ysgwyddgwyn-uchaf.
Volume 4 - Cefn Hamlet     £5.00
288 pages       p&p £2.00
Bontnewydd, Cefn-llwynau, Dan-y-pentre, Harp Inn, Gelliargwellt-isaf & uchaf, Gilfach-maen isaf & uchaf,  Hendai, Llancaiach-isaf, Llwyn-goleu, Maesllan, Tir-y-Pentre, Melindra Caiach, Melindra Gylla, Pen-heol-Adam, Pen-cae-mawr, Penalltau-isaf & fawr, Penrhiw, Pen-craig-fargoed, Tir-Adam-isaf & uchaf, Tir Morgan Phillip, Tir Rosser James, Tir Shag, Tir William Morgan, Tir-y- pentra, Tir-y-pentre, Tir-y-rhen/Landdu, Tophill, Trosnant [Llancaiach fawr NOT included]
Volume 5 - Hengoed Hamlet     £5.00
271 pages       p&p £2.00
Allt-y-Cropwll, Bedwlwyn, Berllan-lwyd, Cascade, Carn-gethin, Cefn-Hengoed, Cwrt-y-bettin, Derwen-deg, Dyffryn Cylla, Gilfachfargoed-fach, Glyn-gaer, Glan-Rhymney, Gwaun-arlwyddes, Gwerthonor, Gwerthonor-ganol, Hengoed Hall, Heolddu, Melin Cylla, Pandy, Pen-rhiw-felin, Pencaedrain, Pen-y-cae, Rhos-y-bedw, Rhos-yr-yrfa, Tir Evan Harry, Tir Harry William Rees, Tir Jack, Tir-y-berth, Tir Pengam, Tir-y-bettin, Tir-y-bongam, Troed-y-cefn.[Gilfachfargoed fawr NOT included]


Volume 27 Pontlottyn and the Irish/Welsh riot of 22 August 1869 by Stuart Broomfield
(2020) Evan Thomas, miners’ agent (1859-1909) by Annie Owen
  The life of a miner by John Andrewartha
  Ted Williams, bare-knuckle boxer by Sheila Little (his granddaughter)
  Pictures of Post-war pantos in Bargoed by Sheila Little
  The Missing Years by dic felstead
  A piece of Gelligaer Common in the City of London by Carwyn Hughes
  Caerphilly Twyn School Memorial Tablet by Royston Smith
  Gelligaer Historical Society - a brief history by Judith Jones
  Philip John While (1899-1907) by Menna Hughes (his niece)
  Two Penarth Alabaster Memorials by Michael Statham
  Queen Victoria’s Jubilees 1887 and 1897 by Annie Owen
  A Victorian Sailor’s Life - Morgan Anthony Swidenbank by Royston Smith
  Richard Jonah Bull and John Rowe by Annie Owen
  Brothers-in-law - Jenkin Powell Jones and Walter Hogg by Annie Owen
  Becky Jenkins and Carl Virgin by Annie Owen
  The Missing Link by David Mills
  The Smallest Colliery in the Kingdom by Kevin Dicks
  Sheep-Shearing in and around Gelligaer Parish: Part 2 by Judith Jones (see Volume 26 for Part 1)
  Two freehold farms in 19th century Ystrad Mynach by Annie Owen
Volume 26 Doris’ Story: or the Years Between by Doris Evans and Amanda Gregory
2019    Pantywaun and District by Annie Owen
  Remembering Llewelyn Bren by Stuart Broomfield
  Sheep-Shearing in and around Gelligaer Parish: Part 1 by Judith Jones (see Volume 27 for Part 2)
  The Pengam Pageant (1913): Views from the Tiltyard by dic felstead
  Powderhall by Carwyn Hughes
  The Fighting Morgans of Tirphil by Royston Smith
  The 1903 Walking Craze at Nelson by Kevin Dicks
  Early Coal Mining South of Blackwood by Sue Allen
Volume 25 I went to Ypres to unveiling of Menin Gate by Royston Smith
2018    Wartime work with Scottish Women’s Hospital by Annie Owen
  Trefor Lewis: Private 24946 SWB by Jen Prichard
  Three great aunts in the World War I era by Marlene Chard-Shaw
  Memorial to Corporal Thomas John Lewis by Royston Smith
  Samuel Weeks 1890 –1915 by Pauline Moore
  The Forgotten Soldier by Paul Williams
  Ewart Edmund Lewis (1890-1918) by Coastlands LHG and GHS
  Private David John Fear by Royston Smith
  Local communities and Belgian refugees by Annie Owen
  GKN Fochriw Pits Memorial Plaque
  Powell Duffryn Officials’ Roll of Honour 1914-1918
  The Lindsay family of Ystrad Fawr by Annie Owen
  The Famous Old Ball Court on the Square by Kevin Dicks
  The year when everything changed by Audrey Griffith
  Lewis Lore
  Schneidemuhl Prisoner of War Camp by Royston Smith
  Commonwealth War Graves Commission graves in Gelligaer Parish
  Peace by Annie Owen
Volume 24 Mason on the Move (Morgan Edwards 1850-1925) by Nesta Jones
2017    History of Penybank by Annie Owen
  The Chartists of Llanfabon and Gelligaer by Brian Davies
  Thomas Matthews: A Broken Harp by Dic Felstead
  The Watson family, Tir y Felin, and the development of Deri by Judith Jones
  Chief Fire Officer Capt. Percy Jack Moody GUDC Fire Brigade by Keith Mills
  Glan-y-nant, Pengam – A 1947 Survey by Margaret Boulton
  Building Clubs – Railway Street, Trelewis by Greg Buick
  A Long Time Ago: Bargoed, 1945 by Dr Whitney Jones
  Bargoed Memories by Clive Williams
  The Running Track at Bargoed Park by Clive Williams
  David Williams: Some Awkward Questions by Dr Whitney Jones
  George Paget 1874 – 1956 by John Watkins
  John Morgan (Trelynydd) – Welsh Bard by Royston Smith
  Madame Betty & Chateau Bourblanc a true story of many parts by Menna Hughes
  Newspaper reactions to industrial disaster in south Wales: A comparison between Senghenydd, 1913, and Aberfan, 1966. by Owen Evans
Volume 23 Gelligaer Tunnellers - Peter Walker
2016    Gelligaer Parish soldiers from the 1st Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment who died in the Second Battle of Ypres, April to May 1915 - Stuart Broomfield
  Grandad’s War - Lynda Osborne
  Brithdir Schools 1914-1926 - Royston Smith
  Local women during WWI - Annie Owen and Judith Jones
  Some Local D.C.M.s - Annie Owen
  The Hengoed / Bryn Seion Roll of Honour - Gethin Mathews
  Bedwellty Church Roll Of Honour - David Mills
  Bargoed Buffs: Roll of Honour unveiled
  Letters Home - Royston Smith
  Wartime experiences of some Pontlottyn men, as reported in the local press - Annie Owen
  Lost and Found - Private Ivor Coles - C. J. Stone
  Carved in stone – Not Beet but Harding
  David Bowen Engine Driver – Working Log Summer 1916 - based on research by Terry McCarthy
  Switzerland and William Jenkins of Pontlottyn - Annie Owen and Judith Jones
  Cornelius McCarthy (1879-1915) - Sally Savory
  William Evan Williams - Sylvia Pitman
  Somme Survivor - Harry and Andy Carroll
  My maternal grandfather, Arthur Martin (1879-1915) - Jack Kemp
  My great-great-uncle John Harrison - Marlene Shaw (nee Chard)
  WWI and Jenkin Hughes, a young husband and teacher
  Teacher Arrested on Suspicion at Barry
  John Lewis Jones – Conscientious Objector
  Driver Jack Farley No 60793, 77th Field Company Royal Engineers
  Calfaria chapel, Bargoed honours its war service members
  WW1 Memorials at the Parish Church of St. Sannan, Bedwellty - David Mills
  William Arthur James 1896-1918 - John Watkins
Volume 22 Wartime Wales – through the eyes of an evacuee - Graham Barnes
2015    Violence in Bargoed. The riots of August 1911 - Stuart Broomfield
  Herbert Gwyn "Bert" Turner - Royston Smith
  Living With Ghosts - Dic Felstead
  My old penny - Marlene Shaw
  The Perrotts: A Gentry Family of Gelligaer - Sue Allen
  Celebration of The Welsh In Patagonia - Colin Morgan
  Artie Moore – The Forgotten Spark by Leighton Smart
  A brief history of film exhibition in Bargoed - Angela Evans
  Welsh Stereotypes in London at the time of Civil War - Rhiannon Creffield
  History of Troedrhiwfuwch - Annie Owen
Volume 21 Testament of Youth – Dic Felstead
  2014 Gwenllian Lewis, Nursing in the T.F.N.S. – Judith Jones
GREAT Nurse Rose Smith – Annie Owen
 WAR Morgan Jones and the First World War – Wayne David
EDITION  The Home Front, July 1914 – May 1915 – Audrey Griffiths
  Bedlinog funeral with full military honours – Annie Owen
  Trelewis responds to The Great War – Alun Watkins 
  Army Service – Glyn Williams
  In the footsteps of the Heroes – Royston Smith
  Farming 1913-1919 – Judith Jones 
  Extracts from wartime issues of Merthyr Express
  Postcards from World War 1
  Wartime visits by emigrants
  Captain Edwin William Sidney Martin – Royston Smith 
  A Black Sheep – David Carter
  William John Morgan – Neil Phillips
  World War 1 … Some reflections – Menna & Carwyn Hughes
  My Family in Uniform – Iris Owens
  Lawrence Louis Sidney Cook 1890-1964 – Marlene Shaw
  Gunner A. P. Cunningham 1895-1967 – Steven Austin Kings
  The Story behind Ypres, Church Road, Gelligaer – Carol Henderson
  Albert Joseph Gerrish
  World War I and Education in Gelligaer – Annie Owen
  The Impact of WWI on the Railways of Gelligaer – Terry McCarthy
Volume 20 Bargoed R.F.C. 1950 – 1960 by Allan Jones
(2013)  Hengoed between WWI and WWII by Nesta Jones
  Edgar Evans and the Communist Party in inter-war Bedlinog
  Gelligaer Urban District Council Fire Brigade by Annie Owen
  Brithdir Yesteryears by Royston Smith
  George Inn Board School (later Brithdir) 1879 – 1905
  Samuel Davies Head Master - Brithdir Mixed School 1896 - 1915
  A 19th Century Yeoman Family in the Age of Industry by Sue Allen
  Life, Language & Leisure in the Upper Rhymney Valley Before Iron & Coal by Colin Morgan
  Charles Winter (1700-1773) by David Mills
Volume 19 Penallta Colliery 1905-1991 – This is the text of the talk given November 2011 by Gareth Salway, the author of “Penallta: A Pit and Its People”.
(2012)  Dr Thomas Llewellyn 172?-1783 – The only person in Welsh Biography Online to have been born in the Parish of Gelligaer.
  An 18th Century Yeoman Family – The story of the family of Watkin Rees of Brynysgawen Farm, Mynyddislwyn in the 18th Century by Sue Allen.
  An Accident – an incident on Bargoed Viaduct in 1943 described by Berwyn Jones (from Welsh Society of Wellington (New Zealand) web-site by permission of his family)
  The History Of Caersalem Welsh Baptist Chapel, Aberbargoed – written by a Chapel member in 1902 for a local Eisteddfod. Translated from the Welsh by Colin Morgan.
  Thomas Lewis DCM – how Thomas Lewis of Brithdir won the DCM; the medal is now on display in the Firing Line Museum at Cardiff Castle; by Phillip Campbell Smith.
  Walter Lewis J.P. (1863-1926) : the miners’ agent – The story of a miner but became a pillar of the Rhymney Valley community told by his granddaughter Jen Prichard.
  Bargoed & Gilfach Shopping – Thomas’ Shop by Martin Rees; Evans Bros’ Beehive Stores by Ann Thomas and the Shopping Experience by Judy Ellis
  Bargoed Rugby Club 1883-1939 by Alan Jones
  Bargoed Football & Cricket in the Depression Years 1929 -1933 by Iris Owen
Volume 18 (2011) 1825 Gelligaer Man Transported to Australia by Colin Lewis & Greg Buick
  The Gelligaer Eisteddfods 1840’s -1854 by Jean Kember
  Aberbargoed by Bill Smith and David Mills
  Impact of railway development on the Parish of Gelligaer by Terry McCarthy
  1894-1908 Bargoed Mixed (later Boys’) School Log Book byAnnie Owen
Volume 17 (2009) Evan James, Dr William Price and Iolo Morganwg's Utopia by Brian Davies
  Some Local Women by Annie Owen
  A Bargoed Lady's Reminiscences. Princess as Nurse by Thomas F. Holly
  Transport Intersections over Brithdir Mountain by Terry McCarthy
  A Powell Duffryn Heritage by Leslie M. Shore
  Bargoed in the Past (a transcription)
  Some Reminiscences of Gelligaer Historical Society in the 1960s by Whitney R. D. Jones
  Early Religious Dissent in the Rhymney Valley by J. Gwynfor Jones
  In the Footsteps of Saint Catwg by Islwyn Hughes
  Tir Pontlottyn 1540-1830 by Greg Buick
  Edmund William Lewis (1550-1620) Gent of Kilvach Bargoed by Jean Kember
  Penallta's Bandmaster, 1931, Interesting Career of Mr. D. J. Stevens by Thomas F. Holly
  The Most Important Part of a Will by David Mills
  Galloways in Scotland and Wales by Innes MacLeod
  Bargoed Juvenile Unemployment Centre, 1928-1937 by Annie Owen
  Bargoed Salvation Army Band 1920-1940 by Thomas F. Holly
  The Llanbradach Pit Explosion by Dennis G. Sellwood
Volume 16 (2007) The Tribal Princes of Senghennydd Supra by Jean Kimber
  The Origins of the Welsh National Anthem by E.D.G Williams
  Lewis Family of Killvach Vargoed by T.G. Buick
  The Closure of Bedwellty School by Terry McCarthy
  Fochriw, Pontlottyn and Rhymney Brass Bands by T.F.Holley
  Thank Goodness for Alcohol by David Mills
  Fleur-de-Lys: Immigrants from Somerset & Gloucestershire by Annie Owen
  National Library of Wales document LL/CC/G/758
  The 1976 Drought recalled by Mary & Terry McCarthy
  Excavations at Dan-y-Gaer and Gelligaer 2004
Vol. 15 (2005) Excavations at Dan-y-Gaer and Gelligaer 2004 Evans, Dr Edith
  The Llanfabon/Cascade Hounds Holley, Dr T.F.
  Morgan John Rhys, 1760-1804. Jones, Nesta
  Melin Cylla and Penrhiwfelin Kember, Jean
  Royalist or Puritan?  A Who was Who in Gelligaer During the Civil Wars 1642-49. Kember, Jean
  The Mystery of St. David's Relics Knight, Prof. Bernard
  Railways in the Rhymney Valley, 1920-21 McCarthy, Terry
Vol. 14 (2004) Roman Gelligaer Andrewartha, Clive
  The Revival of the Gelligaer Hunt after the 1939-45 war Holley, Dr T.F.& (late) Boulton, R.J.
  Reminiscences, August 2003 Isaac, Gwyneth.
  A Visit to Mill Farm, Gelligaer James, Charles Russell.
  Common Land - A common Resource for the Common People? Jones, Judith
  Pre Industrial Deri Jones, Judith
  Inns of the Village of Gelligaer and their inhabitants in the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s. Kember, Jean
  Recollections of the Bargoed Postmaster, 1914. Lewis Edward (Tr. Holley, Dr. T.F.)
  St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, Bargoed: A Brief History McCarthy, Terry
  A Murderer visits Gelligaer, Mills, David.
  Archaeological Investigations of the First Roman Fort at Gelligaer and its environs. Pearson, Andrew
Vol. 13 (1990) Tribute to Mr W.H. Davies, M.A. Askey, George
  Laying the Foundation Stone of Lewis' School Pengam - an Episcopal Sequel Brown, Rev. Roger Lee
  Billo Preece, the "Wnt" Catcher David, Illtyd
  Commission of Enquiry at Gelligaer in 1677 into Tithe Payments Davies, Prof. T.V.
  System of Horsekeeping Employed at Llanbradach Colliery, Glamorgan about 1925 Hearnden, W. & Holley, Dr T.F.
  The History of Firefighting in the Glamorgans Heath, J.
  Ceremony of Laying the Foundation Stone of the Chapel and School at Gelligaer Holley, Dr T.F.
  Clwydtrawscae Farm Jones, Judith
Vol. 12 (1982) Payment in Kind Anon.
  Penallta "Stay Down" Strike, Feb. 1948 Broomfield, Stuart
  The Parish of Gelligaer during the latter part of the Nineteenth The Century Brown, C. Roger Lee
  Art in the Rhymney Valley David, Illtyd
  Mrs S. A. Williams Davies, J.D.G.
  From the Songs of Men Davies, Walter Haydn
  Myths and Folklore in the Parish of Gelligaer Felstead, R.
Vol. 11 (1977) The Gelligaer Coalfield and its Pioneers Meyrick, Howard G.
  Elergy Thomas, D. Gethin
  Gelliargwellt Uchaf and the Stradlings Thomas, D. Gethin
  William Lewis, Mormon Thomas, D. Gethin
  The Poacher's Express Thomas, Huw Ballard
  David Gethin Thomas Jones, C.M.R.
  Circular Pigsties in the Gelligaer Parish Jones-Jenkins, C.G.
  Tribute to the Late Mr E. Saunders, M.A. Shone, A.
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